The Calm Before the Storm



Do you think peace can be achieved in Ukraine?  Do you think the minions of the world bankers, Obama and Merkel give a damn about the people of Ukraine and want peace?  What do you think is really went on in Munich this past week?  Genuine peace talks?


I didn’t think so, it is obvious these lying criminals heads of state are buying time as they make their final moves to take down Russia.  Putin is wasting his time with diplomatic solutions, the Jewish bankster criminals who own Obama and Merkel want war and war they will have.  All that is really going on is an intermission as the West brings in more weapons and ups the ante.  We are in the middle of the hurricane, the calm before the storm.

Brother Nathaneal nails the situation with his usual rock solid logic:

Putin should quit playing tiddlywinks, the people he is up against are ruthless butchers, just take a look at what they recently did to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – and take a look at what they are doing right now to Ukraine via their proxies in Kiev.

Look at what they are doing with ISIS in Iraq.  Total psychotic butchery, whole towns beheaded, etc.   ISIS is Jew psychosis on display for the whole world to see, ISIS is Talmudic reality come to life.  ISIS will eventually become a huge threat to Russia and Lavrov has already admitted this.

The Rothschild system of usury has reached an upward limit, the world is saturated in debt, people do not want to borrow even with interest rates near zero or below zero.  What the bankers offer, credit, is not wanted and so they must go to world war at this stage in the bank credit cycle.  When the banker can not enslave you with usury debt, they will send in their minions with A-10s.


The world has never seen such evil on such grand scale, so while Christians search their Jew Bibles for prophetic signs and rednecks glorify their new Christ, the Navy sniper Chris Kyle – the West is preparing another huge blood letting, this time in Ukraine.  They are going to level the entire country of Ukraine like they did to Fallujah.


I guarantee you they are going all out this time, they are going to let loose hell in Ukraine like Ukraine has never seen, they are bringing in 300 USAF pilots and A-10 tank killers, the Pentagon is sending in troops and new top secret weapons to be tested under combat conditions.

The U.S. military has deployed a dozen Cold War-era A-10 attack aircraft to Europe amid the escalating assault from pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine, an official said.

The aircraft, known officially as the Thunderbolt II and unofficially as the Warthog, on Monday departed Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona for Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, according to Lt. Col. Christopher Karns, a spokesman for the Air Force at the Pentagon

About 300 airmen and support equipment are headed overseas with the A-10s, which belong to the 355th Fighter Wing at Davis-Monthan. The deployment comes as President Barack Obama is weighing whether to approve the transfer of weapons in addition to non-lethal assistance to Ukraine.

The decision to use these aircraft has already been made, Obama is weighing nothing, he is simply an actor, a minion, reading his lines.  This posturing that we are looking for diplomatic solutions is like GW Bush saying we are a peaceful people as he moves his last military pieces into position for attack on Baghdad.

minions of rothschild stall for time

So what is Putin to do?  Sit by and watch his sphere of influence turned into smoking rubble like the middle eastern states?  Should he just stand by idly as Kiev ethnically cleanses East Ukraine?  Is he going to let the USAF fly sorties over Ukraine and turn every village and home into piles of broken bricks and splinters with scattered dead bodies burned beyond recognition from fired Depleted Uranium rounds?

What is he going to do?  He is going to listen to his generals, and he is going to act rationally, he is going to strike the West and not play along with this proxy war.  Unlike WW2, Russia has strategic assets he can use to take out the Rothschild central banking system which is the source of the problem.  What Putin should do is strike all centers of western financial power and end Jewish usury system.

So will Putin strike the heart of beast?  Will Putin become the hero of mankind and end Jewish rule?  We can only wait and see if this man has the courage to go for the throat or just stand by and allow his nation be subjugated to the Jewish World Order.

So in the next couple of weeks watch to see if the Russians start moving to their fallout shelters and bunkers because we are in the eye of the hurricane and all hell is about to be let loose.

yukon jack 100 proof logic

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