Satanyahu vs. S-300 Missile


s-300 driving Satanyahu mad

Why does Bibi fear a defensive anti-aircraft missile that is stationed far, far away from Israel?  The answer is obvious yet never stated in the propaganda Jewish owned press.  Israel plans on destroying Iran just like all the other Arab states in the region and the S-300 ends the plan of Jewish domination and the dream of Greater Israel.

Basic CMYK

It is plain as day obvious the ploy of Beelzebub Satanyahu, but what is he going to do about Russia’s sale of S-300 missiles to Iran?  He’s going to crack the whip on the United States for disobeying his demands (Jade Helm 15) and attack Iran before the delivery.  He has no other choice.  We are one second to midnight, and this S-300 issue is the pivot point of which WW3 rests.

I have perfect certainty that humanity is facing nuclear WW3 because of how the Jewish mind works.  The Jew is a supremacist and never will back down even if it means nuclear destruction to the rest of the world.  Proof of this Fukushima sabotage and 911 False Flag attack.  There is nothing the Jew won’t do to get his way.  The Jewish tribe was willing to destroy the world’s largest ocean just as payback for a sovereign nation-state thwarting their Talmudic will.


Deadly nucleotides are pouring into the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest fishery, the biggest body of water in the web of life.  Fisheries on the West Coast of North America are now shutting down.  No one blames Israel for this, the world is obviously insane and in denial.  Israel destroyed Japan and the Pacific Ocean as punishment for Japan legally helping Iran and it’s peaceful nuclear program.

Fukushima is proof of Jew insanity.  Why would anyone allow an insane nation, like Israel, to have nuclear weapons?  Why is Germany delivering Dolphin Class submarines to Israel?  Is Germany insane?  Yes.  Israel has a long-term goal of destroying Germany and the German people.  Building nuclear ready subs and giving them to your enemy is pure insanity.

Look at how absurd the Netanyahu claim concerning Russia’s sale of defensive missiles with a mere 120 mile range.  The S-300 missile is purely defensive, short-range missile designed only to stop high-speed aircraft.  It poses zero threat to any target in Israel.  It simply is an effective weapon that can shoot down invading jets into sovereign airspace.  But what does Bibi claim?  He claims the missile is “Death to Israel”!

Stopping Greater Israel and the genocide of Muslims is death to Israel.  How so?  Because the Jew can only allow himself and no other.  No other race or creed is allowed to exist near Israel.  No Muslims, no Hindus, no Buddhists, no Jains or Christians or Krishnas.  Only Jew.  Jewish holy books allow only Jew, all others enslaved or killed.


Satanyahu will end the specie before he ever allows S-300s to go to Iran.  The world is fucked, not because of him, because the rest of humanity allowed the Jews to get a state.  Bibi has nukes and is insane, thus a fatal world condition is present.  Israel is a supremacist warring state because that is all it can be, the Jewish holy books only allow a supremacist mindset, and thus humanity is now doomed.

Judaism is the real problem, Nuttyahoo is only a symptom of a much larger problem.  If the world was sane, if the world was not in Bible consciousness that establishes insanity as normality, then we might have a chance. But we don’t which is why WW3 is inevitable, and crazy Netanyahu will deliver the wishes of millions of believers.  Christianity is a huge Jewish inspired death cult.



I have no doubt that after WW3 Christians will still cling to the Holy Bible more than ever, whoever survives will still love that book even if the world is completely irradiated.  Look at the popularity of the Holy Bible right now even after Fukushima and 911, Christians are more convinced than ever that Jesus will return soon.  Over 70 million American Evangelists love Israel and believe Christ is coming any day.  This is scientific proof that the Holy Bible is dangerous, the most dangerous memetic code ever written.

Israel should not exist, it should not be expanded, it should not be allowed to have offensive nuclear weapons or submarines that can blackmail the world.  Israel should not be venerated or worshipped as “God’s” nation.  The entire situation with Israel is completely insane because what is driving the madness is the crazy book of the Jews.

As it gets worse and worse more and more Christians are praising Israel, joining political organizations to promote Israel.  Evil is going exponential because of this Jewish-Christian alliance.  Evil, pure evil is being created by belief in the Holy Bible, mislabeled as the “good” book.  There is a positive feedback loop, as belief in the Bible causes political disaster, belief is increased.


Calling Netanyahu a pejorative is fair, Beelzebub Satanyahu even refers to himself as “Satan” in a conversation with an American President:

“For them you’re the great Satan, we’re the little Satan,” Netanyahu said. “For them, we are you and you are us. And you know something, Mr. President? At least on this last point, I think they’re right. We are you and you are us. We’re together. … Israel and America stand together.”

His actions confirm his title.  Who did 911?  Israel.  Who ordered 911?  Netanyahu.  The man is crazed and his bullying of America fits the bill for the feared antichrist.  So if there ever was a Satan, it is him.

If humanity is to survive the dire circumstances that now exist, these actions must be immediately implemented:

1.  Bibi Netanyahu removed from power and isolated in an insanity ward or better yet terminated so that he can not exert political influence or start World War 3.

2.  Israeli nuclear weapons confiscated, and all Israel nuclear weapons delivery systems disabled or returned to manufacturing states.

3.  All Jewish supremacist literature banned and confiscated.  The Holy Bible must be banned as terrorist literature.

4.  All Christian preachers who aid and abet the terrorist state of Israel put into FEMA re-education camps or better yet terminated as viral infected memetic agents of the Holy Bible.

5.  All politicians and political whores of Israel and Rothschild fully prosecuted and assets confiscated under RICO.  Public execution are in order because of the severity of the problem.


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