Satanyahu vs Higher Consciousness



Bibi Netanyahu has been elected again and has just completed the assembly of the most vicious terrorist state in the history of Israel.  Bibi Netanyahu, or the more accurate title of Satanyahu, is now going to go full court press with long-term Jewish goals, false flagging the western nations and completing the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

neanderthal netanyahu stuck in jew ape consciousness

Blood will flow and prophecy will be apparent, as the Jewish New Order has reached an upward limit on blood and gore.  The NWO is not a future event, it is now and it is Jewish and it is probably already post peak.  The Jewish Word Order is where the Old Testament consciousness meets the rapidly evolving higher consciousness.

Netanyahu has a problem, it is you with your rapidly evolving consciousness.  He can not stop you from ascending, he can not stop the world from waking up, he can not stop the unveiling of Bible memes, the horror of the Torah, the evil called the Holy Bible.  Your awakening is the greatest enemy of the Jew.

Note: see comment below about use of the “consciousness chart”.

So what is this little shit going to do to us, what is the only thing he can do?  Terror.  He is the author of terror and he is trying to terrorize us back into the fear paradigm of the Old Testament.  But we are having none of it, we are not afraid of Bibi Satanyahu, his genocide, his lies, his deceptions, his false flags, his murders, his death squads.

netanyahu plots the destruction of american liberty

We are humanity and we are waking up in the end times, the end of the Abrahamic religions and the all powerful god and state.  We now see Netanyahu, terrorism, the state, mass media propaganda for the evil that it is.  The world is being accelerated out of lower consciousness by Satanyahu.


The media likens Netanyahu to the new Moses.  That is a laugh, he is not leading his people out bondage but into total destruction of end times conflagrations.  Nuclear World War Three probably won’t be good for the Jew.  A whole lot of Jews in New York City and Israel could get killed.

jew ape satanyahu has nukes

The brilliant Eustace Mullins informs us that the head of the New World Order must be a Jew and the head of Israel.  He had it nailed decades ago.  It should be obvious by now who this world leader is, who speaks with authority and commands the world, who is the author of terror and the modern totalitarian state other than Bibi Netanyahu?

netanyahu-is the antichrist that christians can not see

Debra Barclay is convinced that Netanyahu is the prophecized antichrist.  Her video posted below.  I agree with her prognosis, I believe that Netanyahu is the devil incarnate.  The end times is now, the end of Christianity is now, the end of the Catholic Church is now, the entire construct of old consciousness is coming to an end now.

I agree with this woman Netanyahu is the antichrist

I believe she made a lucky guess, Christians as a whole are clueless as to what they are really doing, they are creating the end times with their Bible consciousness.  Christians are in on it, creating it, bringing the end into fruition, but they do not see it.  Christians love Israel and can not imagine that the antichrist must be a Jew and leader of Israel.

Hardly any can recognize the final antichrist because of apostate Christianity love affair with Zionism. Modern Evangelicals support Israel and war and genocide which directly contradicts the teachings of Jesus. Christians search for the antichrist while watching for him on Fox News, unable to recognize the devil standing on the floor of the US Congress.

Will Satanyahu bomb the Vatican during the Pope election so that Petrus Romana walks over the bodies of his dead priests?  Will Netanyahu will startWW3 for his masters or does the crafty fox Netanyahu turn the tables on his mentors?IS POPE FRANCIS THE LAST POPE CAUSE HE JUST PISSED OFF THE ANTICHRIST SATANYAHU WHEN HE RECOGNIZED PALESTINE

One thought on “Satanyahu vs Higher Consciousness

  1. Comment by Yukon Jack

    I have 100% legal right to use charts for illustrative purposes that are found in the public domain. My use of the chart is legally covered under “fair use”. I am not making one cent on any of my blogs, there was no commercial interest in any of David Hawkins material.

    The consciousness chart used in a graphic above was found in the public domain in a Google Image search. I am using that chart to illustrate how a particular world leader, who is a mass murderer of children, is in low consciousness. I am illustrating that a man commonly referred to as “Satanyahu” is like the Old Testament God, a man who follows the Jewish holy book called the Torah is demonic and evil. Furthermore, I illustrate in my blogs, that those that follow the exclusionistic ideology of Judaism are maintaining a low vibration and harming their fellow man. David Hawkins “Power vs. Force” chart is appropriately used for illustrative educational purpose.

    If you are a Jew who doesn’t like how I reveal the true nature of a particular Jewish leader then that is your problem, I hope you evolve out of low consciousness and stop viewing yourself as superior to others. Furthermore the attack on my blogs by the David Hawkins Foundation illustrates commercialized spirituality pervading evil Zionist controlled police state Amerika. Nobody “owns” an idea once presented, no one can own the idea that their are energetic levels to consciousness.

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