False Flag Aleppo


who was behind the aleppo attack

Was the Aleppo Power Plant Bombing an Israel False Flag Meant to Trigger WW3 Between the United States and Russia?

It was reported that two US F-16’s violated Syrian airspace and bombed a power plant in Aleppo on Saturday.  Whose F-16’s?  There are alot of F-16’s in the Middle East.


It is alleged that the United States carries out this illegal and immoral raid, violating Syrian airspace and destroying electrical power to the nation’s largest city.  But did the United States actually do it?  The Zionists control the USA.

This attack was strikingly similar to the Israeli attack on the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981 – which was carried out by two F-16s.  Israel likes to attack power plants, even more recently Israel developed the STUXNET virus and attacked the Iranian nuclear power plants.

Business Insider reports:

“Stuxnet, a joint U.S.-Israel project, is known for reportedly destroying roughly a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges by causing them to spin out of control.”


Vladimir Putin publically questioned why the United States bombed Syria’s biggest city power plant, leaving 2.5 million residents without electricity:

Putin is perplexed, why Americans destroyed by bombing power plant in Aleppo

Netanyahu is being booted out of Syria and is not happy about it, so why wouldn’t he pull a false flag pitting  both of his main enemies, the United States against Russia?  That is exactly what he would do, the Jews are now desperate – Caesar has entered the Levant – doom is on for Mr. Jew.


Benjamin Fulford (Jew) wrote on 13 Oct:

“The rogue Netanyahu regime only added gasoline to the fire last week by faking a US air force air raid against Syrian government forces in Aleppo, according to other Pentagon sources. The Russians were not fooled by this maneuver and responded by sending missiles and fighter jets over Iranian airspace (with Iran’s permission of course) to attack multiple targets in the Middle East, killing hundreds of Israeli, Saudi and Turkish troops operating against international law in Syria and Iraq,”



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