The Possession of Bibi Netanyahu




Many people around the world are asking out loud if Bibi Netanyahu is possessed.  Bibi’s actions are so far outside of modern consciousness that he seems to be possessed, the bombing of Gaza in 2014 was so severe that head of state Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega thinks so:

“Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to be possessed by the devil, he needs Pope Francis to exorcise it, to become appeased,”

In superstitious ages and cultures, men lacking a rational understanding of the world thought humans could be possessed by demons.  Is Bibi possessed by demons or are demons myth and something totally else is going on that escapes normal observation?


If we analyze the situation outside of myth and view human activity in terms of creative process, we get a totally different picture of what is unfolding in front of us.  Let us assume that no deity is directing earth events, no things outside of humanity are doing things to us, no gods and no devils.

Then what is really going on?  Let us leave superstition and start owning our thoughts, words, and actions in higher consciousness.  Jews wrote a book and claim god gave them some land, now they are acting out this possession.


Bibi Netanyahu only looks possessed to those people in higher consciousness, people with compassion can not understand why he is leveling Gaza and committing genocide against the native Palestinians.  But Bibi is acting consistently within Bible memes, he is acting in accordance with the holy Torah.


Bibi’s actions seem primitive because he is acting in accordance with superstitious and primitive text of the Jewish holy books.The Holy Bible is the source of Bibi Netanyahu’s evil actions, is acting out the Bible memes literally, he is ethnically cleansing Palestine according to what God told Israelites in the holy text.


The Israeli Rabbis do not view Netanyahu as crazy, he is acting righteously according to their viewpoint of the world.  Every Israeli Rabbi mightily approves, if not then how could the Rabbi be Jewish?


According to rational wiki, Demonic possession is:

“Demonic possession is a phrase used by religionists to explain the “unacceptable” actions, ideas, or statements of others. Often, especially in pre-scientific societies, those who were possessed included the mentally or physically ill, and those under the influence of a narcotic. It was also a convenient way to deal with people who did/do not buy into the authority’s bullshit.”

Normally a person in higher consciousness views lower consciousness with disdain, the unconscious person may be viewed as possessed.  Bibi’s actions are unacceptable to most people in the modern world, this means most people are in a much higher consciousness than the Prime Minister of Israel.

john hagee cornerstone church whoreship

Not all people view Bibi with disdain, some Americans love him.  Pastor John Hagee that runs the evil Cornerstone Church of Jew whoreshippers in San Antonio loves Bibi Netanyahu, they are close personal friends, he also started Christians United for Israel (CUFI).


What joins these two men together, one is Christian and the other Jew?   Fundamentalist Hagee wants Jesus to return, in order for that to happen according to the Revelation book he believes in, there must be an Apocalyptic War in the Middle East with Israel in the center of it.


Hagee and his followers believe that we are in end times and they are helping god return.  Millions upon millions of Christians are worshipping the Jews and sending their positive thought energy to Israel.


Hagee is spiritually paving the way for Netanyahu to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Arabs and the Greater Israel project.  This huge thought projection was the energy behind ISIS, all the bloodshed was a result of this unholy alliance between Israel and the Zionist Christian movement – they made the Apocalypse happen.


Netanyahu is commonly referred as Satanyahu because of his actions concerning the genocide and bombing of Gaza.  We call him that word because it fits, Satan is pure evil and this man acts like pure evil.  But there is no Satan, the devil is myth, it does not exist, so what is really going on here?


Netanyahu is acting out the Old Testament memes, he is following the Torah to the letter of the law, he is ethnically cleansing exactly like the words in the Torah books.  So exactly what possesses Netanyahu?  He is possessed by the hell text of the Old Testament.


So what is Satan?  Satan is the energy of the Old Testament text, when the antichrist is possessed by ‘satan’ that means the antichrist is possessed by the animation of the memes of the Jewish holy books.


Pastor John Hagee, like all fundamentalist pastors stress the literacy of the Old Testament, they love the Old Testament God more than the New Testament God.  Belief in the evil old god is worshipping evil, so Hagee is a natural ally of Netanyahu who both agree to the literacy of the Torah memes.

satanyahu is just like god of the old bible text

The devil is in the text, the anti-christ animates the text.  Christian Evangelicals have manifested the antichrist with their huge end-times thoughtform, Bibi Netanyahu is the possessed puppet of John Hagee, the Holy Bible, and the mass of Evangelicals who are manifesting the end times with their thoughts.

the devil is in the text, the antichrist animates the text


4 thoughts on “The Possession of Bibi Netanyahu

  1. Los niños no me caian, eran formas de vida problematicas y bulliciosas, hasta que llego mi sobrino, me cambio la forma de ver a la gente chiquita, con el aprendi la paciencia y el cariño inlodnicionac, la forma curiosa en que se sorprenden de cosas que yo ya doy por sentadas!! Siempre digo que estoy en contacto con mi niño interior y eso me ayuda a comunicarme con ellos.

  2. Anonymous

    It would be nice if you could prove even a shred of evidence for all these outlandings unsubstantiated claims. Too bad you have to make claims on so many things you really have not even sought out it seems. Investigate on RZIM ministries and there is plenty of evidence to prove every other point on the contrary. I pray you can seek further into these topics you have made.

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