Satan is the Bible Text Animated to Life in Bibi Netanyahu


satanyahu is just like god of the old bible text

Bibi Netanyahu is the antichrist of Revelation so says Christian researcher and author Debra Barclay, she is adamant that Bibi fulfills the ‘prophecy’ of the one who loses his state headship and gains it back.  Netanyahu is the first-born son to rule over the nation, born in 1949 in Israel, Netanyahu is the first Prime Minister to be born in Israel, thus he is the first-born son of Israel.

According to her logic, Bibi lost the Prime Minister ship in 1999, that was the infamous ‘head wound’ that Christians should look for as one of the characteristics of the end times antichrist.  She then explains this head wound as loss of head ship or loss as the head of state:

Is Bible text coming true and are we in the end times, the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelations?  Yes!  Christians are manifesting the Bible memes, they are bringing to life the Bible words and making it reality.

bible apocalypse being made manifest

“Accordingly, the woman sits on the seven-headed beast as a symbol of her “seven hills” — the seven hills of Rome. The woman is the city of Roman, here depicted as the persecutor of Christians. Then it says that the seven heads are also seven kings. And we can read from its cryptic terminology the references to the Emperors of Rome. The “five fallen” refer to the five emperors who have died: Augustus (29 BCE – 14 CE), Tiberius (14-37 CE), Gaius (37-41), Claudius (41-54) and Nero (54-68). “One has a wound” refers to the emperor Nero, who died in 68, but whom conftemporary legend had it would return from the dead to continue persecuting the Christians. Thus, the beast has a head that has recovered from a mortal wound. The head “who is” refers to Vespasian (69-79) and the one that is “not yet” refers to Titus(79-81). The head that “was but is not” refers to an eighth emperor, Domitian. From this we can also see that the work looks at this history as if it were being written while Vespasian was still alive, and thus “forecasting” what terrible things would occur under Domitian only a few years later. This technique is common in apocalyptic literature, and Revelation was probably written sometime during the early 90’s, when Domitian was emperor, or perhaps even after the death of Domitian in 96 CE. By portraying the Emperor and his provincial authorities as “beasts” and henchmen of the dragon, Satan, the author was calling on Christians to refuse to take part in the imperial cult, even at the risk of martyrdom.”

Revelations is allegory for the rule of Roman Caesars first century AD.  It had nothing to do with us or our time until we made it so.  Now it has re-manifested as reality, all the horror of Revelation made real by Evangelical belief.  Without the adoring worship and political support of millions of Christian Evangelicals, Bibi would of never gotten away with mass murder.

christians-manifesting-apocalypse-with-their-thoughts but they don't know it like fish, they would be the last to discover water

Christians literally animate Bibi Netanyahu.  If we are to have a real miracle, it would be a wake up call, where the internet essays and talk shows like Max Igan snap the mass of humanity out of the Bible spell.  Mass thought is creating the Apocalypse, all the horror and suffering, all the wounded and killed little children in the Middle East is being caused by Apocalyptic belief furor.


We are manifesting Bible text, we are in what we have created, the Apocalypse is now, the Bible is being brought to life by billions of believing Christians.  This doesn’t make the Bible true like they believe, it is proof of the creative power of the human mind.


The source of all this evil pouring out on earth is the Torah text itself.  No god ever wrote that book, it was written by embittered vengeful Rabbis who imagined an angry vengeful deity, an outpicturing of their own emotions, a deity who ruled with an iron rod and smited their enemies.  The authority of the priest made maifest through the judicious use of the god meme.


The Torah beget the Talmud which beget the Protocols and the Zionist project, the Israeli state.  Just as B follows A and C follows B in the alphabet, the books of the Jews follow a logical progression, ever deeper hatred of mankind until they formed a state right in the middle of Arab central.

Now the vengeful Jew is ethnically cleansing every living Arab from their homeland for the Greater Israel Project.  Listen the brilliant Max Igan explain this insanity:


Yahweh = Satan. They have you worshiping evil.

“As I see it, Yahweh, the god of the bible, is in fact none other than the Great Deceiver himself, Satan. A far cry from the loving and compassionate god that his deceived followers claim he is, the bible pretty much says he is an ego-maniacal god of war and tyranny who if not obeyed, claims he will send you into eternal torture. He rules via fear and intimidation as tyrants do. He requires death for the smallest of infractions, and even demands the murder of entire cities/nations for arbitrary reasons. “


The Christians are worshipping an inversion of love, they are whoreshipping Jewish power, the worship of judgment as love.  This widespread god delusion that possesses much of the west is causing the horror in the Middle East, without the huge political support of tens of millions of voting Evangelicals, the United States would not be supporting Israel and letting her get away with crimes against humanity.


This Apocalyptic fervor is a grave mistake and leading the world rapidly toward a nuclear holocaust.  Power is not love it is extremely low vibration, Jews and their Zionist Christian allies are wallowing in extremely low judgmental consciousness and taking the world down with them.


No matter what I say, no matter what logic and evidence I present, the Christian has a Bible program running that disallows any new information, they will deny that they are doing it.  Evangelical Christians need to have the Jew Yahweh crap beat out of them.




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