Stupid Zionists Pushing Hard for WW3 – What You Should Do



Well this is sure gettin’ interesting in a hurry.  Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter bomber with a US made F-16 stationed in Turkey.  No accident, not a soda can bomb as claimed by ISIS for that Russian passenger jet last month.  No, this time it is no mistake, a Turkish state war plane shot a Russian jet out of the clear blue sky and then the Turkish militia killed the pilot.

RuAF-Su-24-in-flames (2)

Turkey aggressed against Russia – now that was real stupid.  So dumb that Russia is goin’ to ramp up the war some more – more sorties, more missile frigates, less tolerance for airspace violations of Israel jets in Syria.  Time to roll out the new stuff.  We are in for some big surprises as new state of the art top secret weaponry is used before the situation goes nuclear.

We are headed straight into hell because neither side is going to back down and whoever launches first wins.  In nuclear war gaming there is a hard fast rule, once you realize that you are on the downhill slide and are reaching the point of no return, the option to launch first becomes critical.  Whoever fires off their nuclear arsenal first has the decisive advantage.


What we are we seeing here is the real time stupidity of the Jewish controlled West – instead of packing up and leaving the Middle East – Uncle Sam is now going to antagonize Russia as Putin cleans up Obama’s mess.  This is a very Jewish trait – insanity and not knowing when to back down.

Jewish supremacists have a long history of insanity and this time is no different, they are going to get the hammer again.  Just like when Rome crushed the Jewish rebellion in the first centuries AD, once again the Jewish Zionist Zealots will NOT back down.

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future.

What should you do about this mess the Jews are getting us into?  Get ready.  John Titor warned us about ourselves, he said that the future hates us.  I agree.  I hate how people are acting right now.  WW3 is a really bad idea.

This is what John Titor said 15 years ago when we were friends with Russia:

“How can you possibly criticize me for any conflict that comes to you?   I watch every day what you are doing as a society. While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you.   Is this the “Universal Law” you subscribe to?

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.

who ever launches first wins

Can you tell us the foods that are unsafe now? Is there anything we can do to prepare for the war you are describing?

I tried to consolidate your questions into a basic list. I hope this helps.

1. Do not eat or use products from any animal that is fed and eats parts of its own dead.

2. Do not kiss or have intimate relations with anyone you do not know.

3. Learn basic sanitation and water purification.

4. Be comfortable around firearms. Learn to shoot and clean a gun.

5. Get a good first aid kit and learn to use it.

6. Find 5 people within 100 miles that you trust with your life and stay in contact with them.

7. Get a copy of the US Constitution and read it.

8. Eat less.

9. Get a bicycle and two sets of spare tires. Ride it 10 miles a week.

10. Consider what you would bring with you if you had to leave your home in 10 min. and never return.”

fully loaded bike - what you need to have ready when the end comes

His points indicate you will need to move in a hurry, by alternative gasoline free transportation, to people you can trust during the end phase ramp up to WW3.

Most important are trust worthy friends that won’t rat you out to the Jewish Homeland Security agents.  So who can you trust in Amerika, the Jewish Hebrew whore nation?  Hardly a one.  Americans will turn on each other in a heartbeat – they are all fearful dumbed down, money-grubbing, Jewified sleaze ball trapped like rats in ZOGLAND


Americans have no clue how bad things can get, they have created strife for tens of millions all around the globe while getting fat eating cheese balls during spectator sports on the Jewtube.  Amerikans have killed tens of millions of innocent people since the end of WW2.  Low ball estimates are around 20-30 million, but who’s counting?

Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two

You believe that?  Do you believe a single thing the government tells you or the estimates of their paid propaganda research studies?  How does the rest of the world view Amerika?  What are they going to have to do to protect themselves from us?


2 thoughts on “Stupid Zionists Pushing Hard for WW3 – What You Should Do

  1. TheTruthQuest123

    NO do not bomb Israel.. nothing is there.. Israel is merely a Rothschild experiment.. They used their power over Britain, to give the fake apostate jews a homeland they are not allowed to have until Yahweh gives it to them.. They forsake their God a long time ago.. they follow none of the rules of the ancients.. and the last guy who told them that (Jesus/Yoshu the Essean/Yeshuah) they had the Crowd.. not them.. kill him..

    They dont want a socialist on a donkey.. they want a marine on a tank.. who loves capitalism.. which is not who their own God nor Jesus was..

    Jesus called them the synagogue of Satan

    The real heads of the snake work on Wall street, London stock exchange. Their real homes are in Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein, although they have multiple mansions througt the world.. including America

    The bigger snake lives at the Buckingham palace and Vatican..The Rothschild Rockefeller, Adelson, Dimon ,Siger, Soros,etc.. these are the heads..

    They are not in Israel

    Besides.. not all Israelis are bad.. Some of them are atheists. they dont even care about Bibi.. The orthodox are the closest thing that comes to a real jew.. they are not nearly as bad as the zionists either.. Those two groups alone are worth saving.. Its ZIONIST VULTURE UNREGULATED CAPITALIST type jews that are the problem..

    They have an insatiable quest of money.. The videos are all on Yt if you look for them.. They buy ten houses for Millions of dollars, and still have the nerve to bitch about poor people. Then, when they have 10 houses.. they go buy a yacht.. They are never satisfied.. cause they are all sociopaths

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