Are Palestinian Shields?


israeli knesset in session with his majesty the jew ape lord netanyahu OOH OOH

One of the biggest Jewish lies is that the Palestinians can’t leave Israel because no Arab nation will take them.  Do you believe that horseshit when the world just took millions upon millions of Syrians refugees created by US-Israhell’s ISIS campaign?

are palestinian human shields

There are something like 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza, the Jews want a Jew only nation, so why aren’t they shipping them out?  Or why doesn’t Israel open up south Gaza to Egypt then drive all the Palestinians out?  What is the point in carpet bombing them?  Are the Jews that sick?  Wouldn’t it be more humane to just pack them up and evict them or drive them out into front of their holy Merkava tanks?

This is not a Palestinian crisis – this is a world moral crisis.  The Palestinian problem is a world Jewish problem.   Why not just let the Palestinians ago and let Israel be for Jews only?  I will tell you why – the Jews are keeping the Palestinians around as shields.  Once Israel is only filled with evil supremacist Jews what is to stop the world from nuking the shitty little Jew only state?

the hypocrisy of israel the fence

Europe is drowning in a refugee crisis – what is the solution besides committing national suicide?  A plethora of articles have popped up, many saying we are watching in real-time the suicide of Europe, and the end of the White race.  They are correct.  We must do something beside just react to millions of people hoofing it out of the Middle East.  What is the correct solution to the problem?

Not one writer on this planet, says the obvious – BOMB ISRAEL.  Let me be very clear, the entire crisis in Syria, where millions upon millions of people are fleeing for their lives is caused by intentional Jewish policies of ethnically cleansing the Middle East of all Arabs.  How do we stop world terrorism?  Bomb Israel.


Most people, are completely unaware what the Jewish Zionist long term policies are, to create Greater Israel and to wipe out anyone that isn’t Jew.   Most Europeans can not comprehend that God’s chosen people are monsters.

The vast majority of Europeans are not Muslim of Jews, they are Christians or have Christian cultural values.  Christians can not comprehend anything close to reality because they have their heads stuck in a Jew holy book and are completely unable to comprehend Jew treachery.


Netanyahu and his click of Likud terroristic zealot psychopaths should let the Palestinians flee for their lives.  What kind of sick nation bombs defenseless peoples with F-16s and won’t let them run for cover – north or south out of Gaza and to freedom far way from the mad dog Jews?  Now this deranged fuck is saying the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem convinced Hitler to exterminate Jews in an obvious attempt to demonize the remaining Palestinians and finish them off.

What kind of sick fucking nation turns the native homeland into a prison and then sprays sewage on their homes, cuts the water and power and won’t let medical supplies into their death camp?  Oh yeah – America pretty much did that to the Native Americans and put them in reservations and handed them plague infected blankets to cuddle with.

What kind of sick fucking nation allows Israel to treat Palestinians worse than dogs?  America, a sick fucking nation allied with the sick fucking nation of Israel, both nations filled with Bible believers who have zero compassion for their fellow human beings.  The Palestinian problem is far bigger than Jewish only Israel, it is a moral problem, a problem with Christians who say they follow Jesus but follow the Jew psychopaths instead.

Netanyahu is the sickest piece of shit on the planet and should be immediately droned by USAF Predators and a Hellfire missile shot right in his ugly stare raving mad Jew face and blown back to hell where he belongs for all eternity.  He is most definitely the antichrist and calling him Satanyahu is most deserved title.

You would think this Jew Ape Netanyahu could figure that if there are no Palestinians then there is no Palestinian state or two state solution.  The solution for the Jewish supremacist is to simple get rid of his opponent. The Jew has no compassion whatsoever, and the calculating egotistical Jewish brain wants no future claims to Palestine – so the Jew won’t let the Palestinians go for liability purposes.

WHAT WE NEED IS JEW ONLY ISRAEL – for the whole world to witness what it is like for Jews only to live with Jews.  But more importantly, we need to put all the Jews in one place and isolate them from the rest of humanity.

So why in hell is the world keeping the Palestinians trapped in Gaza, why not let them leave, why the horror show of repeated bombing raids that reduces their homes to rubble?  The world could easily absorb 1.8 million people, the world is already spending a fortune keeping them alive, why not relocate them?








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