Signs in the Heavens on 23 Sep 2017



On 23 Sep 2017 an amazing conjunction of planets occurs that seems to fulfill Bible prophecy: Virgo has a crown of 12 stars with the moon at her feet, she gives birth to Jupiter while she is clothed by the sun.  This never seen before conjunction is a direct fit to Revelation 12:


And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

12:1-6 The church, under the emblem of a woman, the mother of believers, was seen by the apostle in vision, in heaven. She was clothed with the sun, justified, sanctified, and shining by union with Christ, the Sun of Righteousness. The moon was under her feet; she was superior to the reflected and feebler light of the revelation made by Moses. Having on her head a crown of twelve stars; the doctrine of the gospel, preached by the twelve apostles, is a crown of glory to all true believers. As in pain to bring forth a holy family; desirous that the conviction of sinners might end in their conversion. A dragon is a known emblem of Satan, and his chief agents, or those who govern for him on earth, at that time the pagan empire of Rome, the city built upon seven hills. As having ten horns, divided into ten kingdoms. Having seven crowns, representing seven forms of government. As drawing with his tail a third part of the stars in heaven, and casting them down to the earth; persecuting and seducing the ministers and teachers. As watchful to crush the Christian religion; but in spite of the opposition of enemies, the church brought forth a manly issue of true and faithful professors, in whom Christ was truly formed anew; even the mystery of Christ, that Son of God who should rule the nations, and in whose right his members partake the same glory. This blessed offspring was protected of God.


Unfortunately for the Christian commentators have spun this event in the terms of their myth, not realizing that the stars in the heavens has nothing to do with their earthly blood cult.  The Christian interpretations of celestial events will be wrong because the end times logic stream they project is from the faulty belief that the stars in heaven are related to their superstitions on earth.

The planets and stars are not about Israel, Jesus, God, Jews, etc.  Thus whatever anthropocentric delusion they assert has 100% chance of being wrong because their faith is wrong.  Their current prognostications will fail just as Harold Camping’s “end of the world” Rapture predictions failed in 2011.  Their seven year math and rapture logic is guaranteed to not come to pass, we are in the Tribulation right now, it is an ongoing crisis created by belief, Christians are continually creating the hellish end times by belief in the Revelation script.


With the church created beast state system unleashed upon the world, nearly every year the concerned focus on a new date for the end.  23 September 2017 is the new focus date, just like 1 Jan 2000, 21 Dec 2012, etc.  The end never comes but the problem of state power continues to grow unchecked.  Governments keep taking more and more power and we are left will less and less rights.  This bad emotional trend is projected upon the stars as signs in the heavens.

Christ is a fiction, a spell, a mythological character invented by Rome to control rebellious Jews. Christ is never coming back, he never existed, his will is actually the willful intent of the believers forcing statism on everyone, not just within their perverted Jewish cult.  Christians are whorshipping a higher power and giving their authority to state, the state is controlled by Jews, thus Christians are worshipping Jewish power.  This sickening Jeus worship is hardly a good thing, the state is the beast and is tearing up the world.

hagee's bloody moons bibi satanyahu

2017 Virgo-Jupiter Revelation 12 : A Sign-Op (Psyop) In The Heavens?

It is very painful to watch how mythspelled persons in our culture dream of faulty return to justice, they are completely disempowered by the myth and do nothing to actually create a just world.  Instead of being repulsed by the abomination called Israel, they worship the Zionist state as if it were the light unto nations, when in fact Israel is the barbaric racist hellhole.

The dead bodies piling up like cordwood in the Middle East doesn’t seem to deter John Hagee’s fervent belief system, no, it seems to strengthen it, so much so that every new cast lead operation sends these perverted pariahs of bloodlust into a new rapturous spasms of godly ecstasy.


The reason why John Hagee is wrong according to Bible scholars is his fundamental error of claiming that we are in the last days.  The last days, according to the “bible” ended in the first century CE.  But even that is wrong since there have never been, nor will there ever be “last days” for earth but only political and religious systems.

John Hagee is Wrong – Again! #1 – Four Blood Moons!

Humans who live during the reign of unjust political systems can certainly project their feelings of end times of the that system, but what is really sick is waiting for the end times while supporting the current corrupt political systems that all the preachers are part of.  All the preachers mentioned in the above video completely support the current authority while hoping for it’s demise!

constellations are not about us

Making Sense of the End Times Antichrist Part 1. The Setup

Everyone is confused, those that say they know are prejudiced or pushing a political agenda. Christians have painted the antichrist as evil because it is the antichrist that destroys the Christ which is the Christian Church.  This end times player deceives the church and takes it down, Christians say in the end times the church becomes apostate, or not in the original faith.

What every Christian group says is that their branch is not deceived.  But in reality we can see that nearly all the Evangelicals have been taken in by the apostate faith of Zionism.  In the end times, according to the script being played out, Christianity becomes evil so is the antichrist becomes the destroyer of apostate Christianity.


For some reason people think their particular religion (or government) will last forever. Obviously this is not the case. Do people still believe in Thor or Zeus? Empires rise then fall, the American empire is teetering on financial collapse. If your religious myths are overtaken by science then is it rational to think that your religion is going to be around forever? Surely the logical explanation for the end
times is that the religion will reach a point in time when it ends.

Most importantly, everyone has missed one essential point, that the last book of the Bible is a vision of the end of Christianity.

That is certainly the case with Judaism and Christianity, both have been found out as bad myth, the internet movie Zeitgeist exposes the astrotheological origins of Christianity and it went viral around the world. Our consciousness has overtaken the myth, the gods are dead. As a result those taking a positive approach are inventing a new age of consciousness, one that is life affirming and healing. On the other hand those choosing a negative path, those holding on to their failed myths are waging war on the world, caught in a death spiral called the Apocalypse.


Everyone is chiming in, putting their spin on this “great event”.  The astrologers will have their interpretation, the New Agers theirs, the Jew and Christians propagandists their scriptural viewpoint.  Who’s right?  Some will get some parts right, but most likely all will fail because the planets and stars are not about us even though our pattern searching brain thinks so.

SEPTEMBER 23 2017 PROPHECY FULFILLED!!! Once In 7000 Years!! A Great Awakening!!! Part 3/3

GREAT SIGN of Revelation 12

In this video the Christian commentator weaves modern science with myth, he says Jupiter is Christ because it absorbs comet and asteroid impacts as the outer planet gas giant.

What could happen in 2017 is greater understanding of what is happening to us, that we are trapped in a matrix and being abused by whatever created us, some of us might stop taking the Bible literal, others lending blind support for Israel.  Perhaps the United States will end it’s entanglement with Israel and become rational about it’s foreign policy.  You can bet on one thing, that 2017 is surely to be interesting times.

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