Visions of a Bloody Future


Is Donald Trump bad for the Jews?  With so many pro-Zionist Jews on his staff, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, it is hard to believe that Trump is anything but good for Jews and Israel.  But there are many Jews who are very nervous about the Trump administration.  They may be on to something, because as America goes through a great awakening about Jewish power, formerly ignorant Americans are going to become less and less tolerant of militant Jews and Israel.

Are some Jews have forbidding thoughts of a bloody Jewish future because of Donald Trump? Often artists are sensitive to upcoming trends, the feel the future then express it in some art form. Sarah Levy’s menstrual blood painting of a bloody Trump is a case in point . There is a current pattern emerging amongst Jewish artists that is expressing this foreboding future for Jews and of Israel. That is not surprising, eventually the world will catch up to Jewish lying and all hell will break loose.

As some commentators have pointed out, America may be the whore of Israel, but even a whore has its limits.  America has been resistant in attacking Iran because that could result in direct war with Russia. Amerika may be a reckless military superpower but it is not suicidal.  The vassal Amerikan state may be beholden to Jewish power but it will only go so far in doing Israel’s bidding.

So far Satanyahu has not been able to push police state Amerika into a totally ruinous war with her number one enemy Iran even though he has been lobbying hysterically for decades about Iran getting the bomb.  The sad fact is that little shit Israel has been blackmailing the United States for decades because it has nukes and also has the will to use them.  If Americans only knew they would glass over Tel Aviv, but they don’t know and don’t want to know.

Everyone knows that Israel has the bomb, and I say Israel has 2,000 nukes based on standard growth rates of what we thought they had back in 1990.  The Jewish controlled media is certainly lying about how many because the lie about everything, especially about the Holy of Holies, the existence of an advanced Israeli nuclear weapons program and the production of many of these ultimate ultradestructive “holy” bombs.

Israel has claimed a latch ditch Samson Option that she will nuke all the western cities if she goes down.  Well, how many cities has Israel pre-positioned nukes in already?  How many nukes has Israel used in false flags?  Some researchers claim the World Trade Towers were nuked.  Israel is the threat to the world yet year after year we hear Bibi lament Iran’s nuclear program.  Jewish artists do not protest Israeli nukes or their use, they protest any President who doesn’t kowtow to total Israeli domination.

The sorry fact is that Israel is blackmailing Western nation states is going to backfire terribly for world Jewry no different from what happened when the Jews revoled against first century Rome.  It is of great consequence that a deep split within the American national security state apparatus is ongoing about this unreserved loyalty to Israel.  Of course this external influence will be challenged because it is an existential crisis for the nation.  A major rift has already formed, the Zionists will be eventually crushed, and those tuned in are getting nervous feelings in their emotional bodies.

Americans are waking up to despotic little Israel as being responsible for 911, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and the authors of the police state and the terror war.  The fact the wars have been bad for the United States, the relationship with Israel has been bad for the United States which is the greatest user of oil.  It would be far more logical if the United States was allied with the oil producers. America’s foreign policies are irrational because of Israeli lobbying and influence, America has alienated itself from much of the oil producing Muslim world.  Jews use threats, like the Samson Option, to maintain their iron grip around the throats of their political whores.  Israel wants the oil pipelines regardless of what happens to America.


So as things go and the world turns it is also a no-brainer that the American state, like first century Rome, is going to change its position vis-a-vis Israel.  From JFK to Trump a face off is inevitable.  America is eventually going to stand up for itself and shed the parasite or at least show some spine and autonomy.  This is probably already happening under Trump which is so upsetting to the self-centered self chosen ones.  Any deviation from total subservience is never tolerated, the tribe is completely wrapped up in their own self centeredness by failing to distinguish their actions and relationships to external events.

The 6 million dollar question, are Jews picking up a bloody fate for themselves because of Trump policies and expressing it in art form?  Sure they are.  Narcissists are ultra-sensitive to any criticism.  Only a Jew would pass a law making it a crime to question the Holocaust.  The Holohoax is not just another Jewish fraud and money making scam, it is part of their grandiose view of their own talents and a craving for admiration and to be the center of attention and victimhood.  How dare anyone even question the self chosen pity party.

Many Israeli Jews held up anti-Trump posters during the American election about how Trump was bad for the Jews. Why do they feel this way? Are Jews getting queasy about any American ruler who doesn’t tow their hard line?  We all know that Israel is guilty as hell but they don’t know it because of their own self loving conceited image they will never admit to their own involvement and guilt in creating their own damnation.

It takes no prophetic ability to see an Israeli centered World War 3 approaching.  We can see plain as day how the world is moving toward a catastrophic ending because of Jewish control and malevolence in the world.  Just look at what Israel has orchestrated to the nation states around their “Jewish only” state. All the Middle East is in ruins because of Zionist policies of destabilizing the area for the Greater Israel project.  This great discontentment caused by Jews is reaching into the heavens – people are becoming conscious that all the problems in the world are being orchestrated in Tel Aviv.

As the world reacts to Talmudic control, Jews feel threatened and up their game. Eventually it will be common knowledge that Jews are planning on doing us all under, most people already know that the central banks are Jewish in nature, but as the debt mounts and it becomes impossible to operate from crushing debt loads, people will figure out the real perps and revolt.  It is not enough to know that banks are working us over, people must realize that the system is Jewish in nature, Jews wish to own and control everything.

Because Trump resisted the Jewish narrative about reality Jews feel threatened.  They may be right, anyone who comes along and doesn’t jive with their narrative about their persecution and dominance may be an ultimate threat to their existence.  Actually, it is inevitable that the world would eventually catch on to Jewish propaganda and then do something about their own enslavement.  The host will eventually recognize the parasite and pick it off, the Jewish trick is to stay unrecognizable for as long as possible.

Even with Jewish control of the major media, no one wants to be lied to.  The New York Times readership has been falling for some time now.  Having lied and been caught for lying America into the Gulf Wars the people are just not buying the Jewtube and Jew York Times as a source for truth.  The sheeple have turned and all is not well with those who have been controlled for so long, we now know that Jews manipulate us into war after war like FDR making a deal to get us into WW2.

Far worse, the NYT is guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal state.  Those Jews in the bowls of the newsprint who help the state start wars based on lies are equally culpable of the war crimes based on the lies.  In my opinion, a real leader would send in the special forces into the newsprint offices and leave none alive, I can envision paratroopers landing on the roof top of the NYT and working their way down while Marines storm the front entrance.  I say we leave none alive – they are all guilty of hell and deserve death for what they have done.

The Jewish New York Times was instrumental in helping the Zionist Neocons launch their wars of total destruction in the Middle East.  Most people would say that these wars are reaching a climax of World War Three.  Most Apocalyptic Christians will tell you the Bible says one third of mankind will die.  I think that estimate is far to low.  I think 6 billion humans could easily die because of all the biological and nuclear weapons that stand ready for use.  Yet even with millions of lives lost and potentially billions more not one commenter save myself says we must nuke Israel.

The moral cowardice of this age is truly outstanding.  Doesn’t it make sense that eventually the Jews will see retribution for what they have done to others?  Doesn’t it make sense that some Jews would feel this change when the tide starts to turn against them?  It sure seems to me that if more than one Jewess is having visions of a bloody Trump that they are picking up the energy flow for an upcoming bloody future for Israel where many Jews get killed in WW3.

These emerging feelings of dread amongst some Jews reminds me of the story of Hitler’s loyal housekeeper who saw some blood red thunderclouds one evening and had a vision of a bloody future for Germany.  Her feelings were transformed into conscious thought by an observation of her natural surroundings.  Her consciousness was synchronized with her internal feelings based on what little she was hearing and feeling around the Wolf’s Lair.

The way these psychic visions works is that as events unfold, there is a stream of energy that creates an upcoming fate for a nation that has taken a certain war making path.  Israel is a completely violent unrepentant nation that is hell bent on taking over the world.  This energetic pattern is reinforced with each bombing raid and false flag they perform.  With each despotic Talmudic act the Jewish state is engineering their own doom based on their own actions.

What no man dares to say (except myself and Charles Giuliani) is that Judaism and all it’s variants are serious mental disorders.  Judaism is Narcissistic personality disorder and probably why psychology was invented in the first place.   None dare call Judaism a disease of the mind, not one person on this damned planet wants to man up that Judaism and the belief in Bible God is the source of nearly all the misery on the earth.  Why?  Because the Bible is a black magic spell that has an iron grip on the believers who dominate governments.

The world has made the fatal mistake of not connecting the dots, the world has not made the connection between all the war mischief and Judaism.  The world can not put two and two together because that would challenge its most cherished belief in its own ego.  Egotistical Jews dominate because the world is stuck in an ego mindset, and the situation is so severe the specie is threatened.

So is Donald Trump bad for the Jews?  No.  Does Trump deserve the bloody images being injected into the mass mind by Jewish artists?  Not really.  The truth is that the Jews are bad for the Jews.  What no believing Jew will ever admit that Jews are bad for Jews.  They can not make this admission because their religion disallows it.  No “real” Jew can see that their own damn religion causes them harm.  Neither can Christians or Muslims make this connection because if they did they would be admitting to their own mental illness.

One thought on “Visions of a Bloody Future

  1. Norville Rogers

    As old as the expression is . . . “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” Israel’s day of reckoning is coming. They ARE going to have to NUKE the entire world to get out of this one, and I believe they will because they are crazy psychotics, but if they think their defense systems will leave them untouched, they’d better think again. This world is going to smite them and shut them and their lying mouths up FOR GOOD.

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